The first story written by Leonardo Patrignani (born in 1980) is dated 1986. It's a 6-page tale about Exogini (little toy-monsters sold in newsstands at the time) that the author still jealously keeps in his house. Ever since then, writing has always been part of Leonardo's life, first by being a helpful skill when it came to writing the lyrics for the songs of his metal band, Beholder, and then by enabling him to compose a real novel in 2003. The book, titled Labirinto, was published by a small company in Torino, and was mostly sold on Beholder's merchandising desks during their gigs. The novel is now officially sold out. Many years later, Patrignani's pen came back with a draft called “Fuga dal Multiverso” (“Escape from the Multiverse”). The agent Piergiorgio Nicolazzini decided to represent Leonardo and proposed the novel to the Italian publishers. Francesco Gungui, YA fiction editor at Mondadori at the time, instantly liked it and offered Patrignani a deal straight away. After brainstorming with Leonardo, that draft turned into a trilogy, the Multiversum Saga, and the rest is history.

"Un romanzo che tiene incollati alla pagina"

"The light at the end of the tunnel of the thriller genre"

"A captivating paranormal thriller"


"A wildly entertaining, cinematic page-turner with an inspirational core — that the human spirit is the force that can make the leap across time and space."
GLENN COOPER, bestselling author of the LIBRARY OF THE DEAD trilogy

"An intriguing journey through space and time, a brain-teaser and a timeless love story."
LICIA TROISI, bestselling author of the EMERGED WORLD saga


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