"The light at the end of the tunnel of the thriller genre"

"A captivating paranormal thriller "

Almost a whole year has passed since the morning when Veronica’s mother was shot dead by a madman. That day, the girl’s life itself seemed to come to an end, and since then her nights are haunted by her mother’s incomprehensible last words. Veronica now lives on her own in a tiny studio apartment; her days are dull, uneventful, repetitive, gray like the suburbs she lives in.

One night, Veronica finds herself witness of a fire that completely destroys a gas station. Initially, it just looks like an accident, but when security footage from one of the nearby cameras is shared online, the video shows Veronica was not there. And yet she remembers; she saw every detail of what happened, she even saw a person walking away from the burning flames.

She doesn’t know it yet, but she is going to see that person again.

Publisher: Mondadori
Publication date: 09/06/2015
Series: Chrysalide
ISBN-10: 8804649208
ISBN-13: 978-8804649208
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